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A small silly bot to "bonk" people in discord.



  • Add custom bonk emojis to src/bonk_emojis.txt. The strings present in that file by default will not work, unless your instance of the bot is in my testing server (it isn't).
  • Create a discord application and bot.
  • Invite the bot to your server. Make sure to select the applications.commands scope if you want to use slash commands.
  • Create two files, containing the bot token and application id
  • Run the bot, providing the token and application id as command line arguments:
    • Either with cargo:
      • cargo run -- <token_filename> <application_id_filename>
    • Or standalone:
      • bonkbot <token_filename> <application_id_filename>
  • Use the command /bonk <user>, or send a message of the form !bonk <message>.

Written using Serenity.

Available under the terms of the Mozilla Public Licence, version 2.0