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Jamie Quigley bf4869a6d6
Zsh: Fix globalias expansion
19 hours ago
mpd Revert "Mpd: Move to unix socket" 2 months ago
nix Nix: Remove iohk binary cache 3 days ago
nix-environment Nix-environment: Split into seperate files 2 days ago
nixpkgs Repo: Add `result` to gitignore 4 days ago
ultisnips Nvim: Added \lstinline snippet for LaTeX 11 months ago
zsh-plugins Zsh: Fix globalias expansion 19 hours ago
.gitignore Repo: Add `result` to gitignore 4 days ago
.gitmodules Zsh: place Nix packages higher in PATH than `/bin` etc 3 months ago
LICENCE Relicence from AGPL to MPL. 3 months ago
alacritty.yml Alacritty: Use Iosevka font in terminals 2 weeks ago
alacritty_macos.yml Alacritty: add (currently unused) macOS config 3 days ago
aliases.zsh Zsh: add alias to allow fzf to use bat 2 weeks ago
atuin.toml Atuin: search_mode = fulltext 4 months ago
btop.conf Btop: Update config version 7 days ago
clang-format Added global clang-format 2 years ago
coc-settings.json Nvim: fix snippets not working in LaTeX 2 weeks ago
functions.zsh Zsh: add support for nix-shell in zsh 3 months ago
ghci.conf GHCi: Disable OverloadedStrings by default 6 months ago
gitignore Added ccls and clangd scratch folders to global gitignore 2 years ago
init.vim Nvim: Pull in fzf if it is not found 3 days ago
makepkg.conf Makepkg: Does it work yet? 8 months ago
makepkg.conf.gcc Makepkg: added makepkg config 10 months ago
neofetch.conf Added neofetch config 2 years ago
nushell.toml Nushell: update alias format 6 months ago
pacman.conf Pacman: ignore ttf-ms-win11 packages 3 months ago Python: renamed file in repo to avoid conflicts 8 months ago
pycodestyle removed uncrustify and fixed languageclient from being irritating 3 years ago
pylintrc added yarn to path part 2 3 years ago Python: Added ptpython support 8 months ago Update 2 weeks ago Nix: move environment configuration into directory 3 days ago
starship.toml Starship: s/via/within for nix shell prompts 2 months ago
tmux.conf Tmux: disable vi mode, it appears to be the default 4 months ago
zshrc Zsh: Fix globalias expansion 19 hours ago


The dotfiles I use on my machines. (currently just a desktop running Arch, soon to also be a MacBook Pro)


Clone this repo, and run, either by running python or ./ Do not delete the cloned repo.


  • The init.vim file was originally based on a very old version of this
  • I took the UltiSnip files from here

The content in this repository is available under version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public Licence