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Setup: removed spicetify from setup script
1 day ago
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setup Setup: removed spicetify from setup script 1 day ago
starship.toml Starship: Remove deprecated config options 2 months ago
tridactylrc Added tridactyl blacklist for the fsm creator 1 year ago
zshrc Zsh: remove unused plugins 3 days ago


The dotfiles I use on my ArchLinux machines. (A custom desktop and a Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575)


Clone this repo, and run setup, either by running python setup or ./setup. Do not delete the cloned repo.


Dark mode

  • backgroud: #1c1c1c
  • background-selected: #3f3f3f
  • foreground: #e8e8e8
  • border: #454545
  • highlight: #00adb3
  • highlight-secondary: #b33000


  • The init.vim file was originally based on a very old version of this
  • I took and modified the colors.ini file for my spotify theme from nsilvestri
  • I took the UltiSnip files from here
  • I took some coc.nvim default bindings from here


The content in this repository is available under the GNU AGPL